Although Christmas evokes, in the first place, decorated fir trees, gifts, laughter, Christmas pudding, family gatherings, school holidays, tables full of delicacies and many laughs, the truth is that, in Mallorca, Christmas has all this and much more. However, there is something that Mallorca does not even have at Christmas: Mallorca, in fact, does not have the freezing cold, the high levels of snow and the rest of adverse weather phenomena that, in the rest of the countries of northern Europe, are undoubtedly major obstacles to play golf.

The nearly twenty golf courses which are part of Mallorca Golf Island’s network of courses and clubs are, in their totality, magnificent proposals for golf lovers, and have in common the pleasant climate, comfortable facilities, spectacular landscapes and all the exclusive services which, in the end, contribute to rounding off and perfecting the experience of the golfers who choose Mallorca to put their passion into practice.

What is clear is that, even in Mallorca, it is advisable to take the usual precautionary measures to protect you from the cold, so it will be important to be well covered from head to toe, and hydrated with warm water or isotonic drinks from time to time. Afterwards, a hot shower will be the ideal finish for a tough game in which the cold air has accompanied us (despite the fact that, as we mentioned, it is much less cold than in other places).

As we mentioned in other posts, this Mediterranean island offers a total of 300 days of sunshine a year, approximately, so that winter and Christmas are usually characterized by bright and moderately warm days, in which walks are an excellent option to complement the days of golf.

In this sense, and since we take the opportunity to talk about Mallorca at Christmas and in winter, it is interesting to note a series of fairs, festivals and events which play a major role during this time of the year. So, in addition to enjoying a good hot chocolate with Ensaimada (typical pastry) in any bakery or cafeteria (accompanied by a Coca de Patata, if you are near Valldemossa), those who come to play golf in Mallorca at Christmas can live the celebrations of Sant Antoni of Sa Pobla, Artà or Manacor, as well as the Sant Sebastià of Palma, with its ‘torradas’ and ‘foguerons’ in which the meat comes into contact with the fire to provide some very typical delicacies of the season.

Can you think of a better gift to ask Santa Claus for than a stay in Mallorca to play golf during these days? We invite you to take a look at the different options of golf courses or clubs which are part of our association Mallorca Golf Island: close to the airport, the sea, the mountains, with lakes or trees… the attractions that these courses and clubs offer, are numerous and very varied. Which one will you choose for your next Christmas holidays?