Playing golf can be very satisfying, especially when the wind plays in our favour and helps us to place the ball in the right place. But, when we play with the wind against, there may be some difficulties that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of our game, mainly because analysing this variable too much can cause us to disperse attention in a game where concentration is an important issue.

When we need to play golf with wind, the first difficulty that presents itself before this climatic condition, is the duty to correctly handle every blow that we make to fight with the different types of wind. Our strategies should be modified depending on the occasion; having wind in favour we can give more strength to the ball, as it will stay in the air longer and will go further. However, when we are playing with the wind against, the best option will be keeping the ball as low as possible.

Mallorca is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations by golf lovers, and this is mainly due to the perfect weather conditions that this island offers. Playing golf in Mallorca is an unrivalled experience that includes the enjoyment of first-class golf courses, with wonderful views of the sea and the mountains, in a warm atmosphere throughout the year.

It is for this reason that players from all over Europe prefer to play golf in Mallorca, as the mild and sunny weather with the Mediterranean as a backdrop is the perfect environment to maintain concentration and improve our game, as well as being the perfect escape for the icy days of the European winter.

Golf en mallorca


Here are some tips for playing golf on windy days. These tips will help you on your next golf appointment on the island of Mallorca:


1. The first thing we should consider is to stay calm at all times. Playing golf with strong winds is not particularly a relaxed way to play, but we need to develop a bit of patience in these conditions to be able to enjoy the game and the challenges of the air currents.

2. Developing the imagination is also an important aspect. Using the imagination, we could anticipate the direction the ball will take in relation to the wind and thus know exactly in which direction to hit and visualize the route it will take while it is in the air.

3. Finally, the best thing is to work on our ability to adapt so that we can learn to change our strategy as the game progresses. This is especially necessary when we play golf with wind, because we develop the ability to quickly decide if we need to hit hard to take advantage of a favorable wind or if we require the ball to stay low to fight against a headwind.

As we experience the game with different kinds of wind we will see that the climatic conditions are part of the charm of the activity and can even favor our game and provide us with great learning to improve.