As we have seen in previous posts of this blog, Mallorca is a real paradise for golf lovers. Its landscape, climate, gastronomic, cultural and leisure offer, added to the fact of being located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea (which means a profusion of spectacular coves and beaches), make this island a unique destination for anyone, and, particularly, for those who wish to take advantage of their holidays to practice their favourite sport on some of the numerous Mallorcan golf courses.

However, although there are innumerable attractions that Mallorca offers to visitors at any time of the year, it is undoubtedly in summer when the island receives more tourists, many of whom come attracted by the offer, precisely in the field of golf. That is why, in this post, we will detail some guidelines that are recommended to follow to play golf safely, comfortably and pleasantly during the hottest months, since on Mallorca there are really high temperatures during the summer period.

Like any other sport, golf involves considerable physical effort, so it is recommendable to practice it following these tips:


  1. The skin of the face, arms and legs must be protected from the intense sun: sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap are very useful complements to avoid the harmful effects of a prolonged exposure.
  2. It is preferable to wear light clothes, which allow good perspiration.
  3. The best times of the day (although they are often the most demanded) to play golf in summer on Mallorca would be at early morning and the evening.
  4. Proper hydration is essential to keep the body in good condition. In this respect, water and isotonic drinks are great allies for golfers.
  5. In order to avoid injuries due to sudden movements or a radical change in temperature, it is important to warm up a little before starting to play.
  6. Food plays an essential role for golfers: although on the night before the game it is appropriate to consume slow-absorbing carbohydrates to face the day with energy the next day, during the hours of play it is better to eat fruit, dried fruit or energy bars to get a dose of constant and healthy energy.
  7. Sweat can dampen your gloves, so it is always advisable to bring spare gloves which you can wear, when the first pair needs to dry in the sun.

These are some of the indications which golfers should consider if they plan to visit Mallorca during the next months to give free rein to their sporting passion while taking care of their health. After all, prevention and a responsible attitude are always good partners when practising sports.

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