It Is common in the golf world to confuse or encompass equally the professional golfers and the teaching professionals of this sport. And we must bear in mind that it is not the same to be a professional player to be a professional in the teaching of such sport, since teaching is a profession that goes independently to the game. Although It is true, there is the possibility of coordinating both things; be a player and teacher and vice versa, but without being catalogued equally.
But it must be recognized that a player can obtain perfect results in his game and not know precisely the methodology of teaching this sport. Like a teacher, you don’t have to make a perfect swing, but if you are the best at your teaching.

From Mallorca Golf Island Association, we value and are committed to the qualified group of professionals who teach golf and the excellent work they do. They have a fundamental role in the world of golf and therefore they have to be valued. Greatly they make golf be respected and they form players but besides teaching them how to play, teach them how to behave in the field and feel passion or motivation to practice golf.

We add a series of features that we value in every professional golf teacher;

  • The Professional of golf does not cease in the continuous improvement. That’s why he worries about attending courses and trainings to be recycled at all times. There are organisms that help them to improve and grow with trainings and seminars.
  • They adapt to the needs of the students, so that you enjoy the golf and there is a compensation between the time spent in the game and the training.
  • Attitude committed and dedicated with the students.

Docentes Profesionales de Golf Cualificados. Mallorca Golf Island.


At the Mallorca Golf Island Association through the 19 golf courses that we have around the island of Majorca, we have qualified professional golf teachers willing to share with them, your passion for learning and playing. Like we have the presence of professional players who decide to use our golf courses to play or participate in tournaments.

Remember that you will also have a complementary offer of activities and things to do in Majorca after your workouts. Therefore we could say that it is the ideal destination to combine learning, fun and relaxation.