Warm temperatures, with averages of 15 degrees even in November or December, very little rain, almost no wind and about 300 days of sunshine throughout the year: That does not sound bad at all, does it? In fact, many of these elements are those which have contributed to consolidate the island of Mallorca as one of the preferred destinations for golfers from all over the world.

After all, considering the sub-zero temperatures, abundant rainfall, snowfall, storms and cold, dull days which characterise the winter months in most European countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc.), how should we be surprised that golf lovers in these regions are eager to set foot on Mallorca’s green golf courses, located in front of the sea, with spectacular views, surrounded by nature and with a climate which is always pleasant?

In fact, this Mediterranean island is also, and for several years now, a paradise for those who practice hiking, cycling, trekking and other outdoor sports, so it is only logical that golf enthusiasts also take advantage of their holidays to travel during the winter and autumn months to one of the many golf courses located in the north, south, west and east of the island.

Although sometimes there are people who associate Mallorca only with summer, sun, beach and pools, in reality it is in these cold months when the spectacular climatic contrast between this warm and sunny island and the situation in many other countries is most noticeable.

So, if you have not yet decided where to go to play golf during these months, take the opportunity to find out about the offers and peculiarities of our golf courses and clubs -open all year round, in order to make the most of these advantages of Majorca- and let yourself be seduced by the beauty, serenity, mild climate and almost spring-like days which define most of the days of these upcoming seasons.