In previous posts of this blog, we have emphasized the multiple attractions of golf practice in spectacular environments such as those offered by Mallorca. The island has a wide variety of golf courses; moreover, they are always surrounded by magnificent hotels and other places of interest (restaurants, bars, shops, museums, etc.) to round off the experience of those who visit Mallorca during their holidays: after all, one wants to do other things after an intense and rewarding day of golf.

However, in today’s post we will not only talk about the unquestionable leisure and fun stimuli that golf lovers find when playing this sport on our small island located in the Mediterranean Sea. In this post, we will also focus on listing some of the most obvious health benefits of this sport: another not inconsiderable appeal for those who are still in doubt about the ideal destination for golf this summer.

Playing golf outdoors in pleasant temperatures (you should avoid the hours of intense sunshine, or protect yourself properly and take the precautions described in our previous post), and surrounded by natural and unique landscapes like those that abound in Mallorca, allows the player to release any residual stress that has slipped in during the holidays. The release of endorphins and contact with nature are the main reasons why golf is not only relaxing, but also a pleasant and enjoyable activity.

On the other hand, golf, of course, involves a remarkable amount of physical exercise, since the player can walk up to 10 kilometers during the games. The arms and legs are moved and toned during the practice, but it is always preferable to stretch the muscles well before and after the game, to avoid injuries. In addition to being beneficial for the muscles, golf also produces an improvement in cardiovascular health, as well as an increase in the ability to concentrate, which is essential for the player at all times.

Flexibility is also enhanced in this sport, and its low impact on the joints makes golf a very interesting and suitable option for people of all ages, even if their physical condition does not allow them to practice other sports such as cycling or running. Golf, moreover, generates a structure of people with similar interests and the same passion for this sport, and this sociability linked to golf is an attraction that also has a positive impact on the quality of life of those who practice it regularly.

Finally, the golf courses, due to their privileged location, are usually characterized by enjoying very clean air, far from other environments with more pollution, and often have very low or no noise pollution that increases the levels of tranquility and serenity that are so sought after during the holidays.

In short, playing golf is very beneficial in many ways, and playing this fascinating sport in Mallorca is an even more complete and special experience. Do you really still have doubts about what your vacation destination will be this summer?