If you are planning a golf holiday in Mallorca, one of the best destinations for this sport, you will not only enjoy its idyllic landscapes and dream beaches. You will also be lucky enough to taste a unique and authentic gastronomy. In this article, we, Mallorca Golf Island, will recommend you some of the best restaurants on the island to satisfy your senses and palate.

Mallorca, a Mediterranean gastronomic paradise

Mallorca’s gastronomy is a blend of Mediterranean flavours and slow food, making every meal an experience to connect with the ambience and calm of the island. From local cured meats and cheeses to freshly caught fish and seafood, the table at any Mallorcan restaurant is a feast for the senses.

But, above all, bear in mind that if you want to enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience, you should steer clear of the tourist areas and head into the island’s charming villages. For example, Valldemosa, Deià, Sóller or Artà. You are sure to find places that are true culinary treasures.

Our essential restaurants in Mallorca

Here is a selection of some of the restaurants that you should not miss on your visit to Mallorca.

Béns d’Avall

Located in the Tramuntana mountain range, Béns d’Avall invites you to discover a different way of enjoying Mallorcan cuisine. In this restaurant in Sóller, permaculture, respect for nature and the richness of the civilisations that have passed through the region are valued. Each ingredient is carefully selected to achieve culinary excellence and support local producers. Don’t miss their tasting menu with dishes such as “El santo de la Tramontana“, an incredible lamb dish that is sure to have earned them a Michelin star.

Ca Na Toneta

In the peculiar village of Caimari, you will find Ca Na Toneta, a restaurant that invites you to savour the best of Mallorca in a bucolic setting. Its thoughtful cuisine is based on local produce and classic seasonal recipes. Each dish is a unique experience, varying according to the ingredients available in each season. If you’re looking for authentic Mallorcan home cooking in a spectacular setting, you can’t miss the opportunity to dine under the vines at Ca Na Toneta.

Ca’s Patró March

If you are passionate about seafood and fresh fish, Ca’s Patró March is the place for you. Located in Cala Deià, this idyllic beach bar offers a unique seaside experience. Although you can’t book, it’s worth the wait for the great food and views. This restaurant is also experiencing a very sweet moment, as some scenes from the TV series “El Infiltrado” were filmed here, making it an emblematic and much sought-after location.


Es Pilari is home to Lassala, a culinary proposal that combines the simplicity of country cooking with the sophistication of Mediterranean cuisine. Under the gastronomic direction of Andrés Benítez, this restaurant offers a ‘Plant Forward’ experience, with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients grown in their own gardens. Enjoy delicious vegetables, rice dishes and gourmet kebabs, prepared with the smoky flavour of charcoal.


En la Finca Serena de Montuïri encontramos Jacaranda, con 2 estrellas Michelin y bajo la dirección del chef Oscar Velasco. Este restaurante ofrece la combinación de los sabores locales y la mente creativa del chef. El resultado es que cada plato es una fusión de ingredientes frescos y tradiciones mallorquinas, una auténtica fiesta para los sentidos. Y no te pierdas su menú degustación. Sin duda, una experiencia “slow food” que hay que vivir.

At Finca Serena in Montuïri we find Jacaranda, with 2 Michelin stars and under the direction of chef Oscar Velasco. This restaurant offers a combination of local flavours and the creative mind of the chef. The result is that every dish is a fusion of fresh ingredients and Mallorcan traditions, a true feast for the senses. And don’t miss their tasting menu. A “slow food” experience that you have to live.

Taste the best cuisine in Mallorca

In Mallorca, gastronomy is an experience that will take you beyond flavours and immerse you in the essence of the island. The fusion of local traditions with the creativity of the best chefs makes each restaurant an opportunity to discover the true essence of Mallorca. So, if you come to Mallorca to play golf, don’t forget to recharge your batteries properly at one of these restaurants. And remember, all of Mallorca Golf Island‘s golf courses are less than an hour’s drive from each other and close to the best restaurants. Enjoy!