The one who said that golf was not a winter sport was probably English and certainly did not know Mallorca. The island boasts a Mediterranean climate that makes it a true haven of good weather when other regions and countries are covered by snow or ice. And the average temperature of the winter months always exceeds 10 ºC. so a jacket is usually more than enough to enjoy golf in Mallorca.

However, playing golf not only requires a few degrees on the thermometer, but you will also need golf courses on which to practice this sport. Fortunately, Mallorca also has plenty of this, as it features almost twenty different courses on which you can practice this sport. If all of them have more than adequate facilities and boast a pleasant climate, there are notable differences between them which the player is grateful for as he can vary both in difficulty and in landscape when exploring them all, one by one.

The variety of golf courses which are available in Mallorca and which can be enjoyed during the winter months is enormous. Thus, there are courts such as Vall d’Or Golf or Golf de Andratx. There are clubs such as Son Antem Golf Club East, with 18 holes; to others such as Golf Pollença with only 9 holes and a par of 35. This variety, added to the good weather, allows you not only to practice golf on the island of Mallorca during the winter months, but also to choose the course which best suits your way of playing, your level and the type of landscape or environment you want to see and enjoy.