We know that the lack of rainfall in Spain and the expense of water that can be involved in the maintenance of a golf course can worry you. That’s why, in this article, we will explore the main policies and measures implemented by Mallorca Golf Island courses to reduce the environmental impact of their infrastructures. You will discover why Mallorca is the ideal destination for environmentally conscious golfers. Join us!

What is Mallorca Golf Island’s commitment to sustainability?

Mallorca Golf Island, an association formed by several golf courses and hotels on the island, is committed to preserving Mallorca’s natural environment while providing an exceptional experience for golf lovers. Aware of the importance of protecting the environment, the courses have implemented a series of sustainable policies and measures to reduce their impact and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Responsible water management

Water is a valuable and scarce resource, especially in a place like Mallorca, where drought is a constant concern. Mallorca Golf Island’s courses have implemented advanced irrigation and water management technologies to minimise water consumption and ensure efficient use of this vital resource.

100% of Mallorca Golf Island golf courses use treated water for irrigation. This type of water, which would otherwise end up in the sea, becomes an invaluable resource to keep the courses in optimal conditions without having a negative impact on the drinking water supply. In addition, smart irrigation technologies and sectorised systems have been implemented. These allow precise water distribution, minimising waste and ensuring that only the necessary amount is used in each area.

Another important measure is the re-sowing of grass varieties that require less irrigation. This initiative has significantly reduced water demand on golf courses, while maintaining the quality and aesthetic appeal that golfers appreciate so much. 

In addition, our partner restaurants promote the use of “km 0” water from sources close to the golf courses. This reduces the water footprint by avoiding the transport of water over long distances and supports local water producers. With these actions, Mallorca Golf Island courses demonstrate their commitment to responsible water management and their contribution to the preservation of this vital resource on the island.

Other measures 

In addition to the measures mentioned above, Mallorca Golf Island has implemented other sustainable initiatives that contribute to reducing its environmental footprint. One of these is the incorporation of electric buggies on its golf courses. These transport vehicles are powered by electric energy instead of fossil fuels, which reduces carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Another notable measure is the use of solar panels on Mallorca Golf Island’s golf course facilities. By installing solar panels on the roofs of the buildings, clean, renewable energy is generated to supply part of the electrical needs of the golf courses and other venues. This investment in solar energy demonstrates the commitment of Mallorca Golf Island‘s partners to transition to more sustainable energy sources and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

Promotion of sustainable tourism through the associated hotels

Mallorca Golf Island not only focuses on the environmental sustainability of the golf courses, but also promotes sustainable tourism through its associated hotels. These establishments share a commitment to environmental protection and offer visitors a responsible and environmentally friendly experience.

Mallorca Golf Island‘s partner hotels implement sustainable measures in their daily operations, such as efficient water and energy management, the use of local and organic products in their restaurants and waste reduction. In addition, many of them participate in internationally recognised environmental certification programmes, ensuring that they meet high standards of sustainability.

By choosing to stay at one of these hotels, users of Mallorca Golf Island’s courses can enjoy an exceptional golfing holiday while contributing to the development of more sustainable tourism. More and more people are looking for travel experiences that are both environmentally friendly and sportingly enriching, and Mallorca Golf Island meets these demands perfectly.

In addition, the association strives to generate economic opportunities and quality employment in the local community. Golf tourism not only attracts visitors, but also boosts the local economy by creating jobs in sectors such as hospitality, transport, and tourism services. Mallorca Golf Island prides itself on being a source of stable, quality employment, contributing to the sustainable economic development of the region.

The greenest golf is played in Mallorca

As you have seen, Mallorca Golf Island is a reference in terms of environmental sustainability in the field of golf. However, we continue to work on implementing new initiatives and constantly improving the environmental practices of our associates. The commitment to environmental sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Mallorca Golf Island, and we want to be an example for other golf destinations around the world.

If you love golf and care about the environment, Mallorca is the perfect place to enjoy your golfing holiday. Not only will you be able to play top golf courses within an hour’s drive of each other, but you will also be contributing to the protection of nature and the sustainable development of the local community!