Mallorca, with its many first-class courses, is the true golf paradise in Europe. With an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and around 300 days of sunshine a year, you can play golf all year round, even in winter! Here are more reasons why you should choose Mallorca for your next golf holiday.

Mallorca, pure golf all year round

The possibility of playing golf 365 days a year is a huge attraction for all types of players in Europe. On dates when the courses in their countries are covered with snow and closed to the public, Mallorca offers the unique opportunity to enjoy golf in the middle of winter. This is one of the reasons why thousands of amateurs and professionals from Germany, the United Kingdom and even other parts of the country regularly come to the island, although it is not the only one!

Connections and accommodations

Mallorca has excellent air connections with the peninsula and the rest of Europe, making it easy for golfers to travel. Flights of just a couple of hours from their places of origin allow players to enjoy the exciting design of its courses and its modern and well-kept facilities, which have the highest quality certification.

In addition, the island has an extensive network of accommodations specialized in this sport, mostly four and five-star, as well as a wide range of hotels and rural houses or charming old haciendas. These establishments have all the necessary facilities for golfers to make their stay on the island an unforgettable experience.

Variety of golf courses

The secret of Mallorca’s success in golf tourism is undoubtedly its variety of courses. The island has courses that have been operating for decades, known in detail by its regular visitors, and an offer that continues to grow with new facilities opened in recent years.

These courses are designed with the most advanced techniques to become a real challenge for both experts and amateurs, who have all the facilities to improve their game. In fact, there are several Mallorcan courses that have their own golf school, such as Real Golf de Bendinat, Club de Golf Son Servera, Golf Son Vida, Golf Maioris, Club de Golf Alcanada or Golf Santa Ponsa.

Commitment to sustainability

The new courses in Mallorca have incorporated the latest generation of water and energy saving techniques as an element of sustainability. Even in their vegetation, they have included the recovery of part of the autochthonous flora. But even the courses that have been operating at full capacity on the island for several decades have adopted numerous measures to minimise their impact on the environment, strengthen their professionalism and respond to the demands of their clients.

Choose Mallorca as your destination to enjoy golf in winter

Mallorca is the ideal destination for golf lovers who want to enjoy their favourite sport in winter. With its pleasant climate, excellent facilities and commitment to sustainability, the island has established itself as Europe’s true golfing paradise. As if that were not enough, all the courses associated with Mallorca Golf Island are less than an hour’s drive away. So if you are a passionate golfer and are looking for a place to play your favourite sport in winter, look no further: Mallorca is waiting for you.