Even if though Majorca is known worldwide for its amazing beaches and its warm weather, its offer for visitors is far more ample, and in some occasions the best hide away places on the island can go unnoticed.

For example, the mountain range of Sierra de Tramontana homes in its valleys a large number of small villages that reflect the true Mediterranean spirit of the island. The Sierra offers a large opportunity to practice hiking and go deep into a UNESCO World Heritage. The Tramontana embraces villages as emblematic as Sóller, Valldemossa, Deiá and Esporles. Places of mandatory visit to get to know a not so known face of the island.

Sóller, for example, it’s located in the known as “Orange Valley” and it’s connected with Palma by means of a centenary electrical train. It is also known for its modernist architecture and for being part of the island’s artistic core.


Millenary Heritage

It would be a mistake to believe that Majorca is only sun and beach, the islanad has a great diversity of landscapes that enrichen the experience of those who are on visit, a great array of locations that make the visitor to fall in love for their traditional architecture facing the sea. Its history, its tradition and its culture combine in an extraordinary manner, turning the visit to the island into a real pleasure.

Walking through the centre of Palma is like diving into the history of the successive conquers of the island, at the same time that one contemplates the grandiosity of the neo-gothic architecture of many of its buildings. Majorca is a mosaic that unites the legacy of diverse millenary cultures, and this can be felt in its gastronomy, its constructions and its art. These lands have been walked through by Phoenicians, the Greek, the Romans and the Arabs; leaving behind a rich cultural heritage that lasts through these days.


Golf in Majorca, a new perspective

Majorca continues to reinforce its offer for all those visitors that see the island as an ideal location to play golf. The island has become a true paradise for golfers. Its complete offer of golf courses, and the countless hotel offers, have turned Majorca into one of the preferred destinations to play golf in Europe. The vast array of golf courses, is an incentive for players of all levels; be it on a weekends escape or on a various day vacation on the island.

It is worth it to highlight that Majorca finds itself involved in a new sustainable plan that seeks to establish the wellbeing for its inhabitants at the same time that it reduces the negative impact on the environment. This development model guarantees that the island continues being a treasure in the Mediterranean for many more years to come.



¿Planning a visit to Majorca?

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