Majorca with its spectacular natural landscapes and its privileged climate combine the perfect scenery to play Golf as a true professional. Depending on the season, it can become an unbelievable experience that all golf lovers should live at least once in their lifetimes.


A natural paradise with breath taking beauty

Majorca is a hidden paradisiac retreat, surrounded by the Mediterranean most spectacular beaches, that has a gentle and pleasant environment during all year round, offering golf lovers an opportunity to practice amongst landscapes of incredible beauty and first level infrastructure that includes a wide offer of hotels and golf courses.

The island offers its visitors a stay that adapts to all tastes. Whether if you prefer a relaxing escape to play golf in Majorca surrounded by nature or if you rather want to live the adrenaline of the most spectacular locations of the island.

Depending on the season, there are different activities that can be done on the island, such as trekking, visits to nearby villages located in the Sierra de Tramontana, the tasting of the most varied array and exquisite dishes from the renowned Mediterranean gastronomy, matters that enable the visitor to get impregnated by the rich local culture.


A different destination

One of the main characteristics of the island, is of course its large amount of playas and calas, being this the tourist attraction that usually attracts the highest number of people, but this isn’t the only reason to visit the larger island of the Balearics.

Play Golf in Majorca is surrounding yourself in an ambience of tranquillity and enjoy an island that has great mobility, prepared with the best infrastructure to welcome visitors from the whole world.

This is one of the reasons why Majorca manages to stand out and differentiate itself from other golf destinations in Europe and what makes the island a first class touristic destination.


Comprehensive offering

With a wide offer that includes the most exclusive golf courses, playing Golf in Majorca is ideal to enjoy the harmony of the contact with nature and the beauty of the breathtaking vires to the Mediterranean. Majorca has consolidated during many decades a strong tradition and passion for golf. Proof of this is the complex net of golf courses destined to provide the visitor with all kind of challenges and experiences. Likewise, the visitor will find a large net of hotels that dispose of attractive accommodation offers combined with green fees for different golf courses on the island.

But not everything is golf, the tourist offer is also complemented with the small villages full of architectonical and cultural value, picturesque villages that offer the visitor a wide array of experiences in which to dive in.

It is a destination located on the first place of preference for golf players from the whole world, thanks to its overflowing tranquillity and easy accessibility.

Playing Golf in Majorca is an indescribable experience that will last forever in the mind of those who enjoy the experience, delighting itself with a vibrant and full of life capital that complements with the surroundings full of history and centenary traditions.


Are you ready?

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