Majorca has become one of the best destinations in Europe for golfers. The island has a wide range of golf courses and hotels, but it also offers a full variety of outdoor activities for visitors.

Before getting started you will need: a strong learning attitude as well as a true passion for outdoor activities. If you want to learn how to play golf, Majorca is the right place to get involved in golf.

Tips to keep in mind.

No fear

This is a long-term race, don’t rush. We are all learning. Even the most experienced player is still learning.

Playing golf is an activity related to strategy. The game is about choosing correctly each one of your shots. Learning and improving in golfing has more to do with taking proper decisions than with an innate skill. Whenever you have the opportunity, take the chance to play with others, especially if they have a higher level than you, this way you will learn quickly, and in a more efficient and fun way.


Where should I start?

The hardest part about golf is getting started. Ask yourself some questions: Why do I want to play golf? Do I just want to share a moment with my friends, or do I want to take it totally seriously? How much time and energy am I willing to invest?


Golf lessons

By far the best way to get involved is by taking golf lessons. A qualified monitor will teach you, while you share the experience with other players who are at your same level. At this point of your learning process you have not yet acquired bad habits, so it will be easier for your monitor to modify your technique efficiently. In Majorca you will find a large number of golf courses with certified PGA monitors.


Practice at the driving range

Driving ranges gives you the chance to practice and adjust your coordination depending on the shot distance. Many beginners make the mistake of practicing only the medium and long distance shots, however, we recommend you to make a slow progression. Step by step increase the speed of your swing; this will keep your tempo and coordination in proper conditions.


Master the short shots

Half of your strokes come within short to medium distance; therefore, you will be handling a putter or wedge often. Practice and master your short-range game.


Do not forget the basics

Golf is a strategic game. The learning phase is important, as it will notably influence your future performance and enjoyment within a golf course. In this phase you will receive a lot of information coming from many sources, this can lead into confusion, this will take you away from the essentials. Whenever this happens, go back to the basics. Check your situation regarding the ball, your posture, your gesture, and perform a relaxed swing.


Step by step

We recommend starting in a par 3 before venturing to a full 18-hole course. In a short par 3 course all distances are smaller. Take your time before jumping into a bigger challenge.

Somehow, Golf is an endurance sport as you may know. Be prepared to face an 18-hole course. Usually the courses are less crowded in the afternoon, choose the course that fits better your skills. Use frustration correctly; use it to face your challenges progressively and methodically.