First of all it is worth remembering that Swing is the movement made by golf players to hit the ball when they are making the stroke, so it is a composition of different body movements (feet, arms, hands… ) It is also one of the strokes that require more technique and one of the most important gestures such as the wrist’s break.

If you are starting to play golf or you have been playing for a while, you may have wondered how to make or get the perfect swing. Practice is fundamental for this, apart from our position and how we grab the club when making the stroke. So, let’s discover some keys to swing;

Position, beginning and end of the swing hit;

  • We start doing and having a good position and for this it is advisable to open the legs so they are parallel to our hips. Then we lean forward by bending the knees. Our arms should remain stretched during the whole movement. And the ball should be in the center.
  • After the beginning, the ball is struck, so the lowering of the club begins with a turn of our body while we lower the head of the club. It is a precise movement that has should be done controlling our force. We won’t be able to stop the hit, so we must gradually slow down the movement. At the end of the movement, the stick must be above our head.
  • Once you are able to perform a swing that works, it is advisable to maintain it even if it is not perfect and continue working the technique to reach perfection.


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