Playing golf is a totally thrilling activity and even if not everybody has the required skills to reach a high level, this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy it and improve notably. If you are a golf amateur but have very little experience and practice, then it would be convenient that you practice some techniques and follow some advice that will allow you to improve your game.


6 tips that will help you to improve your game


To progress and improve we will need to draw targets and objectives that help us to overcome our own limitations. Measurable and reachable targets that will allow us to value our progress. To accomplish this we will need to refine our technique  to achieve excellence.


  1. Practice your swing. The posture, together with the way in which the club is held, are the keys to improve your effectiveness in golf. Observe the position of your body while you practice imaginary strokes until reaching total control over your posture. Also,  recording your strokes on video might help to correct your flaws.


  1. Allow the club to fulfil its function. It is a common mistake believing that one needs to hit the ball very hard so that it reaches greater speed and therefore, travels farther. The reality is different. Center your attention in hitting the centre of the ball with precision whilst controlling your swing and you will see a substantial improvement in your effectiveness.


  1. Maintain your relaxation. Playing golf is in a large measure a sport that implies relaxation, but when we are inexpert, or we feel insecure of our own capacity, it could well be that stress takes over our muscles and generates tension. Then make sure to stay calm all the time and enjoy the game to stay relaxed. Try to strike naturally and fluidly.


  1. Visualize each stroke. Once you acquire full control over each of your movements and you dominate the basic technique, then you can focus on planning each of the strikes that you wish to perform. The visualization it’s important because it allows us to analyse the terrain, know the difficulties and plan your strikes to overcome the obstacles of the golf course.


  1. Keep fit. The player’s physical condition has great influence over his ability. People with little strength, flexibility and low vitality have a more imprecise and deficient game in comparison with a person whose physical condition is optimal for playing and performing each stroke adequately.


  1. Practice as much as possible. Popular knowledge has it that “practice makes the master”, therefore we need to try to practice our swing as much as possible to improve it. Playing golf adequately is a matter of mixing natural abilities and dexterities with practice and enthusiasm to improve the technique.

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