Perhaps playing golf in Winter doesn´t seem like a good choice at first sight, but in this article we will show you why playing Golf in Majorca this Winter is one of the best options for you.

All across Europe the arrival of Winter means a break in the golf activities due to adverse weather conditions. However Majorca offers golf players of all levels a unique opportunity to enjoy playing golf in a privileged environment.

Majorca have a mild winter, which makes it easy to jump into all its natural wonders and enjoy this magnificent island in all its fullness. In winter it is possible to get to know the island from a different perspective, a closer and more authentic view of the local culture. Some popular festivals in Winter will bring us closer to ancestral traditions: the dimonis, the correfocs, the festival of Sant Antoni in Sa Pobla or Sant Sebastià in Palma de Mallorca.


Golf invierno


Improve your game, a unique opportunity

The winter season is an ideal time to improve your game. The  golf courses are not crowded and you can play at your own. You can also take private lessons in any of its Golf Courses. First class facilities and attractive prices define Majorca as a prime destination for golfing in winter.

Some hints

• We recommend adapting your game plan to the weather. Majorca offers mild winter temperatures so you can practice different and attractive outdoor activities. Plan your visit and enjoy everything the island has to offer.

• Although the sun is weaker at this time of the year, we must protect ourselves as well. Wearing good sunscreen and appropriate sunglasses will prevent unnecessary skin injuries.

• In winter, the body loses temperature faster. Avoid any muscle injuries by warming up properly. Keep your extremities warm by using proper clothing.


Golf en invierno


19 golf courses to choose from

Mallorca has a wide range of golf courses. Comfortable facilities and quick connections to the International Airport make the island an outstanding destination for golf enthusiasts.

19 golf courses located in a variety of natural environments, near the beach, in the mountains, north and south of the island.


Play golf in Winter

The weather of the Balearic Islands during the winter is remarkably soft, which makes playing golf in winter a must, whether you are an amateur who wants to perfect your game, or an expert player eager to face new challenges.

A low rainfall rate and an average winter temperature of around 18 degrees makes Majorca a paradise for golfers.

Enjoying Winter and playing your favorite sport is possible. Come to Majorca!