Mallorca is plenty of activities that are a must for all the golf fans that visit this island. With such spectacular sunny weather almost during all year round, playing golf in Mallorca is one of those things that every fan of this sport will enjoy enormously; mainly thanks to the great golf courses that ensure an unparalleled gaming experience. After a relaxing game, it is possible to visit some of the wineries open to visitors for some wine tasting and jump in to the wine culture of the island.


A paradise for golfers

The largest of the Balearic Islands have become a true paradise for golfers from all over the world. With great golf courses and a privileged weather that allows you to play for most of the year, playing golf in Mallorca is one of those activities that can be enjoyed by fans of this sport, regardless of whether they are experts or beginners.

Of course, choosing from the wide variety of golf courses of Mallorca is not a simple task due to the wide variety of courses available. The characteristics of each golf course and the comforts and peculiarities of each one should be thoroughly investigated. Some of them, such as Arabella Golf Son Quint, which is located in the famous Son Vida estate, offers spectacular view towards Palma, which represents a total delight for the senses.


The experience of playing Golf in Mallorca begins then, by choosing the course with the most suitable characteristics for the enjoyment of a relaxing and pleasant game.


Discover the oenological culture

And after a golf session in Mallorca, the best recommended activity is to join one of the wine routes that are offered in the locality, which offer an approach to the exquisite wine culture of the island. About 70 wineries are open to visitors, offering through guided tours interesting information about the winemaking process.


This allows each visitor to understand the most relevant details on the elaboration, storage, analysis, conservation, bottling and marketing of wine, directly by the experts who supervise the wineries.
Ruta del vino
For example, in the region of Binissalem, considered as the wine capital of the island, there is the famous wine route of Mallorca that includes visits to the wineries of Vins Nadal, José Luis Ferrer, Bodegas Antonio Nadal, Biniagual Winery, Tianna Negre, Celler Sebastià Pastor, Celler Can Ramis among others. During this wonderful tour each wine specialty is tasted and discovered.


Both golf in Mallorca and the wine route are two activities that no visitor should miss as they are the perfect opportunity to share with friends and have a close encounter with the wine culture of the island.