Why is it important to choose the golf course correctly?

The golf courses are training areas and leisure, where golfers practice such sport or passion and progress in their game. That is why it is important to choose the golf course well.

That is why the Mallorca Golf Island Association offers you 19 golf courses in Majorca, which have in common the following quality advantages for customers;

  • Golf area open to all and in touch with nature. To play golf you do not need to be federated, on the golf courses all players are welcome, no matter age or level. In addition the practice is enjoyed by being in golf courses located in areas of nature.
  • Play golf at the best price. The association puts at your disposal a whole series of offers with which to play golf and to stay in quality hotels at the best price.
  • Updated information about Golf tournaments. Continuous and updated information of the tournaments that have taken place in Majorca and those that will take place.
  • Complementary offer in Majorca. Wide range of gastronomic, cultural, sporting and leisure proposals recommended by the association, to enjoy Majorca after an intense but pleasant day of golf.
  • Book your greenfee in a quick and easy way through the web ““www.mallorcagolfisland.com/book-your-green-fee


Once you have chosen the golf course, the next thing you need to know is the composition of the playing fields (golf courses); surfaces and holes, shape or boundaries of the field. The basic knowledge of this will make it easier for you to play or to make decisions for the practice of this sport.

1) Golf surfaces; Golf does not have a standardised playing surface. It is normally composed of 9 or 18 partial routes and at the end of each one of these routes there is a hole in the surface. So like the tours, most golf courses have 18 holes. And we emphasise 3 types of holes that facilitate or involve risks when launching the ball; Strategic, heroic and penal.

*Outstanding play surfaces;

  • Output = Tee. Place where you start the first blow of each hole. Placing the ball on a tee is the reason that it receives the name.
  • Street = Fairway. Route between the starting tee and the area where the hole is.
  • Green = The hole is located on the green-delimited Green Zone, where the terrain is fine, the grass is fine and very short. It is the most pampered surface on a golf course. It has numerous shapes, sizes and models.

2) Limits of the playing field; The golf course is usually delimited by stakes of different colours.

  • White Stakes; Mark the “Out of Bounds” line,
  • Red Stakes; They indicate side water obstacles.
  • Yellow Stakes; Frontal water obstacles.
  • Blue Stakes; They delimit a terrain in reparation.

From Mallorca Golf Island, we invite you to discover and book our golf courses and the different options that our island has for lovers of this exciting sport.