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Exclusivity, versatility and nature: the added value of playing golf in Mallorca

Jack Nicklaus said, “When you’re playing well, the only question is on which part of the hole the ball is going to enter, not whether it’s going to enter.” And it was precisely the prestigious company Nicklaus Design which designed the excellent Golf Park Mallorca Puntiró, the first of the golf courses we are going […]

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Jugar Al Golf En Mallorca No Solo Resulta Gratificante: También Es Bueno Para Tu Salud

Playing Golf in Mallorca is not only rewarding; it’s good for your health, too

In previous posts of this blog, we have emphasized the multiple attractions of golf practice in spectacular environments such as those offered by Mallorca. The island has a wide variety of golf courses; moreover, they are always surrounded by magnificent hotels and other places of interest (restaurants, bars, shops, museums, etc.) to round off the experience […]

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Improve your game - Mallorca Golf Island

Improve your golf game: All the tips

Playing golf is a totally thrilling activity and even if not everybody has the required skills to reach a high level, this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy it and improve notably. If you are a golf amateur but have very little experience and practice, then it would be convenient that you practice some techniques […]

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