A privileged weather, natural landscapes of impressive beauty, an atmosphere of total tranquility and the most exclusive golf courses, make Majorca an authentic paradise for golf players. Playing golf in Majorca in the autumn is an unparalleled experience that is worth enjoying at least once in a lifetime.

In autumn Majorca is transformed, the mild climate appears, and the beaches get empty. The whole island is immersed in a calm and peaceful environment. The Autumn offers golf lovers a wonderful opportunity to discover the island from a totally different perspective.

Imagine for a second a paradisiacal place, which brings together the best of the mountain and the sea, with an exquisite selection of the best golf courses. Playing golf in Majorca in autumn is an experience that you will not want to miss.

Majorca has a wide range of golf courses, with different levels, but at the end of the day they offer their players a unique experience. Autumn is a fantastic season to play golf. The mild temperatures and a delicate sea breeze make one enjoy his favourite hobby, surrounded by nature, it becomes a pleasure for all the senses.


Autumn in Majorca

It is said that autumn in Majorca is like a second spring. During this time of the year there are plenty of fairs throughout the island, where everyone can enjoy samples of local cuisine, crafts and diverse and interesting cultural events.

The warm temperatures in combination with some rains, make this a delightful time to walk the streets, admire the last flowers of the gardens before the arrival of winter. Golf in Majorca in autumn has a special role, because during this time you can enjoy the true essence of the island and, at the same time, enjoy the peace of the golf courses with greater intensity.

Autumn in Majorca

Tranquility and mobility

This time of the year is characterized by raising a sense of calmness while moving around the island, this is given by the low influx of tourists compared to summer and spring. This low season allows visitors to enjoy the island from a different perspective, without the stress of high seasons.

To take the Sóller Railway and visit the most charming villages, enjoy the most imposing landscapes during each trip and the local cuisine, getting involved into the warmth of its people, are things that are best appreciated in autumn, thanks to the absence of agglomerations.

The Jazz Voyeur Festival, for example, has a series of concerts scheduled for these dates with an excellent line-up of artists for the delight of jazz lovers. Likewise, different festivals of dance, theater, music and gastronomy take place during these months, so there is a wide range of activities to choose from.


Playing golf in Majorca in autumn

The nice weather of the Balearic Islands makes playing golf in Majorca, in autumn, a worth experience for any golf lover. Majorca is a high-end tourist destination that combines an infrastructure designed for mobility and enjoyment; the amazing wide range of exclusive golf courses makes this a true paradise.

A still temperature makes playing golf in Majorca in autumn a must. The most select golf courses, with impressive views of the cliffs and mountains, acquire their maximum beauty and charm during this season.

With over 19 golf courses that offer all kind of services, Majorca in autumn becomes an unforgettable experience where golf players can fully experience what Majorca means in autumn.


A wide variety of autumn activities

Majorca allows its visitors to enjoy the sea almost all year round, sailing is one of the favourite activities of many visitors. A unique experience under the autumnal sun is a great plan that you should try. The temperature of these dates also invites you to take a pleasant walk, without being prey to the sun. If apart from playing golf in Majorca you are fond of trekking, then this is the right moment in the right place. A wide range of environments to explore, either in the mountains or through the magnificent beaches.


Get a taste of the local culture

Majorca offers its visitors a wide variety of cultural and gastronomic activities. An island full of small villages framed in the mountains and that in autumn become a must, once the crowds have left the island.