Mallorca boasts a large amount of attractions which have made the island one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations for golf lovers. Have you still not visited to enjoy this sport? Here are 5 reasons which make this paradise island the perfect place to improve your swing.

1- 300 DAYS OF SUN PER YEAR: when we are talking about the advantages of Mallorca, we cannot forget to mention the good weather. The largest of the Balearic Islands enjoys sun for 300 days of the year. The climate is also gentle during the winter months, which is perfect for outdoor sports.


2- EXCELLENT GOLF COURSES: The twenty top-quality golf courses and their privileged locations are a reason to come here in itself. Another motive is the short distance between the different clubs. Mallorca’s small size allows you to make short journeys during your stay and to go from one course to another, meaning you can enjoy this sport in different settings. Also, given the orography of the archipelago, you can enjoy a wide variety of natural settings such as the views of the Mediterranean Sea or the Serra de Tramuntana (World Heritage Site) while you play.


3- PROXIMITY TO THE AIRPORT: Arriving in Mallorca from anywhere in Europe has become very easy over the last few years. Palma Airport has increased its connections with the main European capitals, so getting to Mallorca is relatively quick, with journeys under three hours. This way you can enjoy a weekend in this Mediterranean destination and enjoy the golf courses that this island has to offer. Another reason can also be the prestigious port, because the island is also a Mediterranean nautical reference.


4- REFERENCE HOTELS: This island’s hotel offer includes a wide variety of accommodation, ranging from exclusive sea-front hotels to boutique hotels in the centre of Palma, or unique refuges in the island’s interior. Also, many of these establishments offer the possibility to reserve green fees for the golf courses directly, as well as any material needed or golf tuition. Some of Mallorca’s golf courses even have their own hotels. Spanish hospitality and the island’s tourism know-how (Mallorca’s hotel companies are well-known throughout the world) will make your stay an unforgettable experience.


5- COMPLEMENTARY OFFER: If we haven’t managed to convince you to come to Mallorca to play golf yet, this last reason will do the trick. The island will offer you the chance to taste the delicious local cuisine cooked by Spain’s finest chefs, always paired with local wines which stand out for their flavour and quality. Names such as Fernando P. Arellano, Adrián Quetglas, Andreu Genestra, Miguel Navarro, Josef Sauerschell, Maca de Castro, Marc Fosch, Marga Coll or Santi Taura will be the perfect hosts for your post-golf gastronomical experiences. Mallorca’s restaurants have around ten Michelin Stars between them, and will take you on an unbeatable gastronomical journey.

Mallorca Golf Island is convinced that Mallorca will offer you everything that you need to make your golfing trip a complete and unforgettable experience. If you want to enjoy one of the more than 20 golf courses that this island has to offer, many opportunities are open to you. Book your trip now!