Mallorca is a very popular golf destination, attracting golfers from all over the world. However, beyond the golf courses, our island offers a wide variety of places to visit and explore. In this article, Mallorca Golf Island presents 5 places to visit in Mallorca to make the most of your golfing holiday.


Deià is a small municipality that will take you back in time. The origins of this valley date back to prehistoric times, when the first settlers found a land rich in caves and game. Its name comes from Muslim period, when it was known as “daia”, which means village.

What to see in Deià


Banyalbufar, located in the southwest of the Serra de Tramuntana, is a place rich in history and natural beauty. Its terraces slope down to the sea are an example of how the ancient inhabitants used the mountainous terrain for agriculture.

What to see in Banyalbufar


Located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, Fornalutx is a town of great natural and architectural beauty. Its cobbled streets and traditional houses will take you back in time to experience the authentic Mallorcan atmosphere and essence.

What to see in Fornalutx


Pollença is a town that combines traditional charm with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Its four urban centres offer a spectacular experience for those who visit it.

What to see in Pollença


Located in a fertile valley surrounded by mountains, Sóller offers a unique tourist experience. Its natural surroundings and traditional charm make it an unrivaled destination.

What to see in Sóller

Enjoy Mallorca

Mallorca is much more than a golfing destination. The island offers a wide range of tourist attractions that will surprise you and leave you with unforgettable memories. Make the most of your golf holiday and discover the treasures that this wonderful Mediterranean island has to offer. And don’t forget, if you want to enjoy more than one golf course during your holiday, all the courses on Mallorca Golf Island are within an hour’s drive of each other.